Eh, What’s This?


Song Of The Day:

One distinct song choice will appear every day, god willing.

No song choice will be repeated.

Many, many genres will be presented.

I openly accept Song Of The Day recommendations.

I will try to list the song title, artist, album, record label, year, composer and lyricist, as much as I can find out.

Interesting Facts:

These tidbits are typically culled from Wikipedia— it is such a great, fast summary resource, especially for pop culture. I will always try to include Billboard chart placement and information about the specific song, though at times this section will be dedicated to presenting more of a general history about a band or an album.

My Take:

Though it isn’t always possible that I will have time to give my impression or tell the story of how I found each song every day, I will try my hardest to include this section in as many entries as possible. This may sometimes include the lyrics to a song, a playlist involving the song, a Top 10 list involving the artist or theme, or a variety of other journaling devices. I will let you know what I’m buying here, and hopefully engage you in a dialogue about my song choices, opinions and taste in music.

Videos Of The Day:

I cannot honestly imagine a better way for me to get music videos, covers, live concert footage, interviews, lyrics and audio to my readers in one fell swoop than a playlist assigned to each blog entry. So far it’s worked great, though the embedding thing has not yet worked as I’ve hoped, and youtube doesn’t have everything :(. I may upload my own content if I really want you to hear something, or may link you to another video source under this heading.


My priority is to post a song with its video each day.

The facts and opinions of other sections take a secondary position, particularly when there is a time crunch.

I will dedicate myself to this daily task, though in honesty I may resort to back-blogging (changing the date on a post) if a week gets in my way. I always at least write down a song choice for each day in my moleskin notebook, so the back-blogging would really be a matter of when I get to a computer to input the blog entry, and not a matter of trying to make up a song for every day.

If I couldn’t honestly think up one distinct song for every day of the rest of my life, then…ugh….why live? I am dedicated to this lifelong project of always listening and learning about new music, and this relatively long-term goal of a daily music blog.

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